El Sabor De Mexico

En Taquizas Lorena nos especializamos en dos cosas, tacos al pastor y en cabrito. Aparte de tacos al pastor y cabrito ofrecemos carne asada, y pollo, tenemos menu especial para quinceñeras, bodas y hasta para lonches de officina.      

Nuestra Familia

Hemos cocinado desde hace 16 años, empezamos en Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico, y en el año 2002 decidimos traer nuestro sazón a los Estado Unidos! Todos nuestros platillos estas hechos con los ingredientes mas frescos, incluso usamos verduras orgánicas para aumentar el sabor y su salud. Nunca a probado nada como Taquizas Lorena, llame y descubra por si mismo.

Ofrecemos Taquizas, lonches para oficinas (comida Italiana), incluso tenemos menu para quinceñeras, bodas y mas!

A Taste of Mexico

Taquizas Lorena is a catering business in Phoenix, AZ that specializes in traditional, authentic Mexican cuisine, such as tacos and montados. We also offer a to-go menu and lunchtime delivery services.
We are known for two dishes, Tacos Al Pastor and Cabrito. The dishes can’t be found anywhere else in the area due to their difficult, time-consuming preparation.
Tacos Al Pastor is pork seasoned with a combination of spices and cooked on a fire spit, shawarma-style. The meat cooks in its own juices and it is shaved and served to order. Lebanese immigrants introduced this dish to Mexico back in the 1940s. Jewish immigrants introduced Cabrito, which is a 3-month-old goat, slow-roasted over charcoal for eight hours, to the people of Monterrey.

The Family Behind the Food

The Vasquez family has been cooking and selling food for 16 years. Our family started in Chihuahua, Mexico and then we decided to bring our dishes to the states. All of our dishes are made with the finest, freshest, organic ingredients and all of our to-go containers are made from recycled materials.

You haven’t tasted real Mexican food until you have tasted ours!